Membership FAQs

My Bliss Membership FAQs

How do I join MyBliss Membership?

It’s very easy!

  • Simply visit your nearest branch and fill out the VIP Registration form available at our reception
  • Choose your membership option and pay at reception
  • Pre pay with $450, or Pre pay with $800
  • Get your individual membership card!

That’s all done! Isn’t it easy??

Can I buy MyBliss Membership online?

Yes, just go to MyBliss Membership page and choose the membership value you would like. Add to your cart and checkout, and we will have your membership card ready for collection at Bliss Newmarket.

What if I want to treat my friend or family with my membership account?

Simply call at your preferred branch, give your membership number or your contact phone number and we will book in the chosen treatment for your loved one!

Is there an expiry date on MyBliss Membership??

The good news is at Bliss, we give you unlimited time to redeem the membership. There is no expiry date!!

How many sessions I will get with MyBliss Membership?

It's more like a 20% or 30% off rather than number of treatments, so you can pick and mix different treatments or same treatment every time.

What if I run out of credit on my membership card?

Just like a pre-pay balance, you can simply top-up your desired amount ($450 or $800) and you are ready to go again. Simply phone your preferred branch or call in and see us, and we will organise your top-up.

Can I book online?

You can request an appointment using our book a treatment form. We will check your requested time and email you back a booking confirmation.

Can I use it to buy gift vouchers?

Absolutely you can. You can visit your nearest Bliss branch and choose either a dollar value or from range of treatments.

Can I combine membership with other promotions?

We run different promotions time to time, but we cannot combine membership prices with other promotions.

If you still have queries, you can call us:

Bliss Newmarket: 09 520 6818